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We help artists become entrepreneurs, collaborate and reach the next level


ThrillOut AS is a Norwegian company providing leading professional Collaboration & Business Management Tools and Services for artists,venues,festival arrangers,music promoters and music business professionals.


Every artist is a startup when:


  • They decide to listen to their passion for music and decide to start building a career as an artist, band or professional musician.


  • They plan a tour, new release or any projects where the goal ​is​ to reach out to and interact with fans or do business with fans.


We believe that artists will improve their career and become more successful when they plan their business and operate in the same manner as entrepreneurs and small companies do.


Music business has changed dramatically and artists needs to adapt to the challenges that lies ahead in the digital world regarding their career,gigs build teams for projects,interact with fans and much more.


Bands can be defined as small project teams with challenges coming up all the way. Examples here is planning a new music video,a tour,a campaign towards fans,find help to get gigs,create social media campaigns,planning a new record or find talented musicians to join your band or work with etc.


ThrillOut business management and direct-2-fan tools help artists promote gigs and catch qualified fan data,plan activities,invite and build teams and start collaboration regarding upcoming projects and much more.


Membership is free and we earn a transaction fee when the artists earn money.


ThrillOut plan to launch beta in 2018.


ThrillOut was one of the finalist at the mashupnorway.com competition in June 14. ThrillOut was selected into the ALPHA program at The Summit in Dublin 4th November 2014 and invited to the Websummit Beta in 2015. We where at Websummit in Lisbon in 2016. 

Thrillout is member of Microsoft Bizpark.


A New Music Collaboration and Direct-2-Fan Platform


The ThrillOut platform and services includes:

  • Establish company online

(Thrillout has partnerproram

with starte-as.no in Norway).


  • Build a simple lean business plan and measure activities

(Leanbusiness platform)


  • ThrillOut Online Accelerator from anywhere for artists and bands.

12 weeks training, lectures and mentorship.


  • Checklist ”Who is your fan”

Based on MITs 15390x "Who is your customer"


  • Inbound marketing for musicians


  • Promote your gig, take control on ticketsale and catch fandata


  • Build your fanbase in every fan-related action you take

(Direct-2-Fan, GDPR)

  • Send request for people, musicians, music professionals, venues etc


  • Build team for each new project and get projects done


  • Publish projects and ideas, let people find you.


  • Collaborate in real time on projects and documents


  • Booking request, collaboration and digital signature of contract/documents (Verified NO,SE,DK)


  • Connect and interact with fans and music professionals


  • Thrillout will focus on GDPR- General Data Protection Regulations. New EU regulations running from 25th May 2018.


  • Furture versions of the platform: Blockchain (smart contracts), audiocoin,Bigdata, machine learning, AI and more.










Disciplined Entrepreneurship (MIT)

MIT`s Entrepreneurship roadmap for startups is our choice for planning entrepreneurship strategies and developing tools for artists, bands and musicians

Lean Business Planning Software



Inbound Marketing Methodology

IM methodology will be integrated in

the Thrillout platform





  • Live stream your CD`release or concert out to the world using ThrillCast


  • Invite new viewers into your fanbase in ThrillOut. Start engage and follow up
 new fans


  • Communicate and interact live during streaming


  • Help the world getting a little better with ThrillOut Care Board


  • We share streaming revenues with artists


  • Free membership and low transaction fees


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